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A Week Of Wests...With A Little UK Thrown In...
July 14, 2018 05:14 AM PDT
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Week ending July 20, 2018

---John Phillips, rest easy, buddy, there’s a new Papa John taking the heat these days---Donald manages to be limp and a blimp all at the same time---Kelly Clarkson is behind this whole no more tie thing, kinda sorta---Westworld, West Wing, whole lotta west we think---the “Tambourine” actually played little or no part in the whole iconic offering---AND---Let Bartlet Be Bartlet? Be still our beating electoral inclinations --- NOT just the same old same old

Summertime and Two Songs With Travelin In The Title, What Were The Odds
July 07, 2018 05:51 AM PDT
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Week ending July 13, 2018

---Would be ironic if kids built the damn wall, wouldn’t it?---actually, it’s more the Beach Boys “Experience”---Rita returns and it’s pretty cool(lidge)---Graham Nash sez we gots nobody to blames but ourselves---Burt turns 73 and boy, bet you he’s not a wonder anymore---AND---fate and fete, pronounced the same and more in common than you might think --- NOT just the same old same old

If The Bee Gee Was Muslim, He Could Be Sir Barry Of Sharona
June 29, 2018 05:39 AM PDT
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Week ending July 6, 2018

---when visiting the Holy Land, don’t forget to enjoy the warm nights in Sharona---Little House, potty mouth, just another day on the prairie---Barry be the Queen’s bees knees, but knees in general, creakin’ and crackin’---got six months to kill? then the new Graham Nash box set is just right for you---Carly, Ben and Sally, like the Von Trapps without the nuisance of Nazis---AND---five nations, 400 million people in the audience and they never left their bar stools --- NOT just the same old same old

Please, No Steamed Clam Jokes, Okay?
June 22, 2018 08:04 AM PDT
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Week ending June 29, 2018

---the family that stays together stays together under lock and key---even without music, the Beach Boys sound is totally rad, dudes---Stevie and LeAnn borrow a little something from Stevie---TWO BRAND NEW songs from the cute Beatle---looking for a job? Don’t care for fast food? How about the White House?---AND---we oughta be ashamed…wait…scratch that, there’s no WE involved, “president” boy--- NOT just the same old same old

Starting With The Wonders and Wrapping Up With A Wonder
June 15, 2018 06:43 AM PDT
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Week ending June 22, 2018

---Lots of things from North Korea but noTHING that really amounts to squat---yeah, just try and pull that crap at the CMA and watch Miss Reba kick your ass---new album! How many copies can we get ya??---an exciting new way to make yourself sick with pickle juice---BRAND NEW MUSIC from Josh Grobin AND Sugarland (psst…Taylor Swift songbombs the cut)---AND---stay tuned after it’s over because it ain’t over till we talk about a guy who changed pop music history--- NOT just the same old same old

If You Don't Know The Songs, Just Move Your Lips...It's The Presidential Way
June 09, 2018 09:12 AM PDT
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Week ending June 15, 2018

---oooh that smell, must be the commander-in cheese---Roger McGuinn found out “ya’ll come see us when you can” warn’t exactly meant literally---John regrets asking Paul about his sleep habits---“new” Beach Boys featuring a lot of sand in the old string section---Loretta Lynn offers Bill Clinton some fashion tips---AND---well, of course he doesn’t know the words…..where have YOU been?.....NOT just the same old same old

You'll Never See Finger Lookin' Good The Same Way Again
June 02, 2018 03:55 AM PDT
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Week ending June 8, 2018

---Roseanne…rhymes with see ya, see ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya---free at last, free at last, if you’re one of Donald’s buddies, you are free at last---why all this commotion about Kim K’s keister? Aren’t we supposed to make the most of our best feature?---BRAND NEW MUSIC from an 80’s turned 50 teen star---hi, I’m the Colonel, come and lay on me for awhile---AND---why the NRA hasn’t scarfed this up as their theme song by now is a puzzler, by golly-------NOT just the same old same old

For The 1000th Time, He Hates The 59th Street Bridge Song
May 26, 2018 05:39 AM PDT
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Week ending June 1, 2018

---Ross and Rachel, adorable…Donald and Un? Not so much---one bag of rocks suggests public funding for another bag of rocks---Paul Simon takes one for the team, lookin’ for fun and feelin self deprecating---she’s white and she’s black, but no matter the shade, she’s till busted---AND---only Peter can call Bob Bobby without making it sound cheesy ----NOT just the same old same old

Burgers, Chicken and Chewy Chewy Chip Chips
May 19, 2018 06:53 AM PDT
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Week ending May 25, 2018

---half a bun, half a brain, sounds about right---KFC goes all UK---somehow, we think Lindsey will find a way to survive---Yanni, Laurel, let’s call the whole thing off---the only leak actually coming from the White House is fluid from the medulla---NEW music from Roger via Stephen---AND---Ohio, home of the Reds, the Bengals and a chart topping anti-war song ----NOT just the same old same old

Seriously, How Hard Is It To Spell DMV Correctly?
May 11, 2018 06:19 AM PDT
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Week ending May 18, 2018

---Iran is about the only thing he has ever bothered to pull out of---hot molten lava, all part of the premium paradise package---McCartney loves him some Majesty---Idol worship officially set to continue for another year or so---Glenn Frey music from before he was Glenn Frey, so to speak---Beach Boys be Philharmonicing, so to speak---AND---the Hoff will make you think twice about ever listening to this summer time hit ever again ----NOT just the same old same old

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