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Be Grateful That Kid Doesn't Yodel The Real Blues
April 14, 2018 05:26 AM PDT
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Week ending April 20, 2018

---Ryan retreats and the FBI raids…ruh roh---now we should just call them Fleetwood Campbell Finn Mac---Mark Zuckerberg can see dead people and testify before them, too---Millenials think the world is flat…kinda like their frontal lobes---well, that’s ONE way to get people to shut the hell up at the movies---AND---it’s not so much gee, Wally, anymore as it is, gee, great grandpa ----NOT just the same old same old

Spike Sings Adolf, Katherine Sings Frank And Dylan Sings Indiscriminately
April 07, 2018 04:07 AM PDT
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Week ending April 13, 2018

---thanks to Zuckerberg, getting to know you takes on a whole new meaning---Donald’s too old for play army men, so, say good bye to Daddy on the weekend, American families---once they hit it, The Supremes kept hittin’ it---Janis Ian was not your typical teenager---Murry really was a son of a beach---AND---NEW music from Dylan, not that there’s anything wrong with that ----NOT just the same old same old

If Politics Is More Than You Can Swallow, How About A Nice Placenta?
March 31, 2018 12:55 PM PDT
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Week ending April 6, 2018

---DT could really MAGA if he would just go all the way like LBJ---Supreme Court Justice says repeal the 2nd…don’t hold your breath…unless you’re a gun idiot, then, please, hold your breath---Gaga hopes you don’t mind, you don’t mind---okay, we need another take, YOU go tell Paul---Ali McGraw, Ryan O’Neal….cheesy and queasy, six of one---AND---Trump really IS one of us….well, the part of US that’s dumber than soup----NOT just the same old same old

Two Susans, Three Supremes And One Brand New Sir
March 24, 2018 04:55 AM PDT
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Week ending March 23, 2018

---Donald and Vladimir release their new romantic duet, “Embraceable You”---if the lips are moving, the lies are many---Ringo was nervous but it wasn’t exactly a knight’s hard day---slimy ice cream? Just doesn’t hook us, ya know?---not so much Miss American Pie as Miss American Strained Plums---AND---the kids are shining….and the dark side is about to be out of a job ----NOT just the same old same old

Walt Disney, Rex Tillerson, Thin Line....
March 16, 2018 06:47 AM PDT
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Week ending March 23, 2018

---bring teacher an apple and the Education Secretary something shiny---a pioneer in star gazing passes and a falling star was the first to be gold---so, now, Tillerson can star in his own doggy snuff film---see through concrete, anyone? Sure, why not---NEW music from he who is not always a Who---AND---wipe, launder, repeat…not so much, thanks ----NOT just the same old same old

Jerry Lee Steels The Spotlight With John Henry
March 09, 2018 05:48 AM PST
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Week ending March 16, 2018

---Truman added a balcony, Trump adds a revolving door---it’s corny, but fitting, to say that Russ was a towering figure in the record industry---well, THAT’LL keep you quiet in the library, won’t it?---Elvis sings movie music and Tom Sings Elvis and we’re talking three people---Tom Jones, making the scent of Ben Gay sexy---AND---if he gets the job for life, life will no longer be worth living ----NOT just the same old same old

Hope Is Lost But Lucy and Daisy Are Still Hangin
March 01, 2018 08:21 AM PST
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Week ending March 9, 2018

---if you hurry, you can be one of the last five people to ever work for Donald---for the last time, till the next time, John says NO to drugs---Toto shuffled right along for Boz---NEW music from a teenage Amy---NRA is FUBAR and that makes the USA, AOK---sorry, it’s a diverse album but it only comes in white---AND---if you’re a buzzkill, cheer up, you’re actually doing a good thing ----NOT just the same old same old

Wow, A Brand New Daily Boomer, He Said, Weekly
February 23, 2018 02:01 PM PST
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Week ending March 2, 2018

---if Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie couldn’t make it, what chance does Miss Landers have?---Billy Graham, 99 years and it will all come down to a tweet---George Harrison’s best friend was a real ringer---“here comes the pizza guy” takes on a whole new meaning---when it comes to Jackson kids, we drawing a blank-et---AND---Donald is a video star…with any kind of luck ----NOT just the same old same old

The Blue Dress Might Be Quite Becoming...
February 17, 2018 04:32 AM PST
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Week ending February 23, 2018

---Uh oh…Stormy does a Monica style dressing down---when we say O No about her now, it’s not a bad thing---toothbrush wet, toothbrush dry?---Johnny and Bob, like two peas in a…well, actually not---Gerry Dorsey blocked the Beatles---AND---the teen years aren’t supposed to be measured by the body count ----NOT just the same old same old

If Quincy Jones Had Been George Martin, There Would Be No Fabs Today
February 09, 2018 09:57 AM PST
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Week ending February 16, 2018

---Dorothy was a doll and a role mod-doll, too---Paul Simon wouldn’t recognize Paul Simon if he met him on the street today---Quincy didn’t care much for Ringo, file under: understatement---so, soon, we’ll see First Class, Coach, Economy and Hawaiian Tropic---AND---sure, let’s give Donald his parade, starting with a little rail to run him out of town on----NOT just the same old same old

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