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The Blue Dress Might Be Quite Becoming...
February 17, 2018 04:32 AM PST
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Week ending February 23, 2018

---Uh oh…Stormy does a Monica style dressing down---when we say O No about her now, it’s not a bad thing---toothbrush wet, toothbrush dry?---Johnny and Bob, like two peas in a…well, actually not---Gerry Dorsey blocked the Beatles---AND---the teen years aren’t supposed to be measured by the body count ----NOT just the same old same old

If Quincy Jones Had Been George Martin, There Would Be No Fabs Today
February 09, 2018 09:57 AM PST
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Week ending February 16, 2018

---Dorothy was a doll and a role mod-doll, too---Paul Simon wouldn’t recognize Paul Simon if he met him on the street today---Quincy didn’t care much for Ringo, file under: understatement---so, soon, we’ll see First Class, Coach, Economy and Hawaiian Tropic---AND---sure, let’s give Donald his parade, starting with a little rail to run him out of town on----NOT just the same old same old

The Smart Bet When It Comes To A Super Bowl Winner
February 02, 2018 07:16 AM PST
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Week ending February 9, 2018

---Dance…or run for office…you can’t do both---can you see Dylan fronting KISS?...nah, us neither---Weird Al salutes the nerd in all of us---Buddy Holly was a major influence, but did you know Richie Valens probably made the Beach Boys possible?---the Bond theme sung by the famous singer that never became the Bond theme sung by the famous singer---AND---Patriots? Nope…Eagles? nope…self-absorbed sociopathic door knob?.... we’ve got a winner!! ----NOT just the same old same old

Some News...and Some News About Something New
January 29, 2018 03:00 AM PST
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...the daily goes weekly but the classics stay daily...

Maria, Jolene and Joanne...A Weekend Trifecta
January 27, 2018 06:05 AM PST
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Weekend of January 27, 2018

---the hills are alive…and, come to think of it, so are the Nazis---Dolly writes the music and Rachel Green plays the mama, say what?---new music from Gregg Allman, almost new music from Gaga---Bernie is getting closer to that weekend Bernie---Elton does things backwards and it works just fine, thanks---AND---expectant moms ain’t got nothin’ on Melania --- not just the same old, same old…

Neil Couldn't Leave Her If He Tried, Either
January 24, 2018 05:21 AM PST
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Wednesday, January 24 , 2018

---come to think of it, Trumpgrad might survive…over there, of course---Meryl’s daily to-do list probably has an Oscar emoji printed on it---forget dada and mahmah, think Earl Grey and Darjeeling---we all still needa little Anita---Neil sings that which he gave to the Monkee---AND---readin’, writin’ and active shooter, just another day in America ----NOT just the same old same old

Something In The Way She Moved...Between Husbands
January 22, 2018 05:52 AM PST
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Monday, January 22 , 2018

---out with the Linda, in with the Kellyanne---the irony that Donald will be brought down by the ladies is delicious---New England fans need to become PBS fans right now---forget Nutri System…cheeseburgers, tweets and golf, that’s the key to buff---Patti says George was bestest and Eric was second bestest---AND---really? We’re still making monthly payments on the republic? ----NOT just the same old same old

We Were Really Hoping They'd Name The Kid 'Way Out'
January 20, 2018 04:03 AM PST
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Weekend of January 20, 2018

---Stan Musial would have been laughed out of office…if’n he was elected to office today---could have been worse…could have named her Boise---Eric Clapton was not only “slow hand”, he was apparently a little slow, period---not often we get to admire a guy who shot a guy, but, in this case, we’re good to go---sometimes, all it takes is just one song, Tom Douglas proved it bigly---AND---he gave us booger, flying turkeys along with more news and Les Nessman --- not just the same old, same old…

The Upside Is Your Breath Would Be Clothesline Fresh
January 19, 2018 06:13 AM PST
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Friday, January 19 , 2018

---Scrabble really kinda sums it ALL up, don’t you think?---congratulations, MAGA’s, it’s a game show host---less walking means less juice and more jabba---how white is he?...he’s makes Race Bannon look like Malcolm X---Heart proved it ain’t the only the shark that bites---AND---it can’t be called fake if 90% of the news is about how you suck 90% of the time…do the math, idiot ----NOT just the same old same old

Smith and Wesson and Remington and Hershey's
January 18, 2018 05:34 AM PST
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Thursday, January 18 , 2018

---You’d think if anyone would be entitled to be pissy about tea, it would be the Brits---not sure whether being allowed to stay in America will turn out to be the good news or the bad news---George and Jeff made devil music, but it’s all good---maybe the Quarter Pounder with cheese will do what the Electoral College could not---AND---forget sex as a weapon…let’s talk firing off a little chocolate ----NOT just the same old same old

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